How to Travel to Japan this Fall – Current Entry Requirements

I am sure there are many people itching to travel to Japan right now.

You may have already seen the headlines that Japan has reopened its ports of entry to foreign travelers.

For example, last this week, Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK, issued a widely shared report that Japan will begin allowing individual travelers in September.

However, the government has not actually officially announced this yet, so it is unclear at this time if this change will take place next month.

Japan has continued to gradually ease restrictions since reopening to tourists in June, but for the sake of the many confused travelers, we would like to provide some clarification.

As of today (August 28, 2022), travelers from abroad must meet the following five entry requirements.

They must now be from a “blue” country to be allowed to visit Japan as a tourist. This includes the US, UK, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and many other countries.

To travel to Japan now, you must book a guided tour. You do not need to join a group tour. You can travel alone, as a couple, as a family, or with friends, but you must book a fully guided tour through a travel agent.

All travelers to Japan must now register with ERFS and obtain a tourist visa. All tourists must obtain a visa, even if they are from countries that are normally exempt.

All travelers to Japan must now have travel insurance that covers unexpected medical expenses related to Covid-19.

All travelers must take a pre-trip Covid test within 72 hours of departure for Japan, and upload your negative result via the MySOS app. As of September 7, triple-vaccinated travelers may be exempt from this requirement.

Your travel agent can assist you with all instructions and arrangements to fulfill the above five entry requirements.

In other words, travel to Japan must now be arranged through a travel agent.

Please note that entry requirements may change significantly in the future.

For the latest official information, please refer to the official government website or contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

If you ever visit Japan in the fall,
be sure to add this hidden gem to your itinerary.

Photos: Castles in the sky!

Only in autumn can you see spectacular views of ancient Japanese castles floating in a sea of clouds, such as the ruins of Takeda Castle, which looks like an ancient aerial fortress.




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