Japanese are good at organizing play. Japanese help each other in the group and produce high results. I think that part of these characteristics can be seen while you are staying in Japan. For example, in the morning commuting time, Japanese business people move in orderly at a big station. At the home of the Shinkansen, women responsible for cleaning inside the train will beautifully clean each given vehicle. It might be interesting to see such a team play.

A performance that Japanese showed in organizational play

First of all, please see the video below. Young Japanese men show superb organization play, especially in the second half of the video.

From the time of elementary school, Japanese learn various organization play, for example at athletic festival. So, if Japanese practice hard, they can also perform the performance as above.

Japanese people value this kind of organizational play even in business. Tourists coming to Japan may not have a chance to see the situation of Japanese people at work. However, I think that it is possible to catch a glimpse of a part of Japanese organizational play in various scenes while traveling.

Japanese collective behavior you can witness in the city

For example, if you go to a big station at morning rush, you can observe Japanese business people walking in order like the next movie. As Japanese people commute to work, they walk silently so as not to disturb people’s flow. Business people will be busy walking away, without seeing most of you.

If you plan to move from the Tokyo station by Shinkansen, I think that it is interesting that you come to Tokyo Station a little earlier and see the collective behavior of the cleaning staff at the Home of Shinkansen. They will be given 7 minutes of time on each bullet train. They will quickly clean the assigned vehicles during the given time. Each shinkansen will take passengers and depart as soon as cleaning is over. After that, another Shinkansen arrives, so they will clean the bullet train again. With such organization play, the Shinkansen can leave one after another without delay.



Thank you for reading to the end.

Now, let’s plan to make your vacation in Japan the best experience ever!


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