Have you ever seen red spider lily (Higanbana)?

Autumn Equinox Day is called Shu-bun-no-hi in Japan.
Autumn Equinox Day is the middle day of the equinoctial week called Higan.
Autumn Equinox Day is a national holiday and falls on or around September 23 each year.

Exactly at that time of the year, there is a famous flower that blooms en masse in cemeteries, parks, and fields throughout Japan.


The name of that flower is Higanbana.
It is also known by the name “manjushage(曼珠沙華)”.

Its scientific name is Lycoris radiata, and its English name is Red spider lily because the flower resembles a spider and has a poisonous red color.

The bright red flowers spreading in a radial pattern on tall, slender stems are a sign of the equinoxes.


Japanese tip

Incidentally, Higan is a Buddhist term meaning the other side of the river that separates this world from the other world.
Many Japanese people return to their parents’ homes during Higan, visit graves, clean Buddhist altars and altars, and make offerings to their ancestors as a sign of gratitude.
This is because they believe that the spirits of their ancestors come to visit their families and descendants during the higan.


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