From here I would like to introduce you to Japanese lifestyle, culture and traditions. I think that the keyword to understand Japanese life and culture is “Harmony”. Therefore, I would like to summarize Japanese life and culture from this viewpoint of “harmony” on this site.

What is the main culture in japan?

What image do you have about Japan? From some people, Japan seems to be a very difficult country to understand.

Japan may be “Galapagos” in a sense. In an island country away from the continent, unique living and culture has been nurtured.

After coming to Japan, many people are surprised at the life and culture that have developed like the Galapagos. While enormous cities such as Tokyo and Osaka develop, the rich nature of the four seasons welcomes visitors. Traditions such as shrines, sumo and kabuki still remain, but new cultures such as animation, cosplay, robots, etc. are born one after another.

A country where all contradictory things are symbiotic. “Harmony” which is based on traditional life-style and culture. That is Japan.

If you click the image below, you will be brought to the world of Japanese mysterious harmony.

I have prepared various pages, so please visit a lot of pages and have fun.

Japan in harmony with nature

Japan in harmony with people

Japanese culture and tradition examples’tradition’

Japanese culture and tradition examples’Modernity’


Thank you for reading to the end.


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