The climate anywhere in Japan during the month of July is hot! After mid-July, the maximum emperature during the day often exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. If you are planning to travel in Japan during July, please be careful not overexert yourself while outdoors because you could be at risk for heat stroke. On this page, I will provide useful information for your trip to Japan in July.

July: Weather and Clothing Information for All of Japan

If you are planning to go anywhere in Japan in July, the following articles provide information on weather and clothing for major tourist destinations. Click on the name of a destination to see articles about the weather and clothing for that destination in July.

Tokyo Osaka Kyoto
Hokkaido Sendai Nagano
Nagoya Hiroshima Fukuoka

Please be aware of the outdoor heat and indoor cold

In Japan, the first half of July is relatively rainy. The rainy season from June often continues into the following month. But in late July the weather will improve and during the day it will be clear and sunny. The maximum temperature during the day is over 30 degrees every day and even at night it does not fall below 25. On the other hand, the air is very cold inside air- conditioned buildings. For this reason, some people may feel unwell due to drastic temperature changes. If you get cold easily, I recommend that you bring a cardigan or similar clothing items to wear indoors so this does not happen to you.

During the day, please drink water often to prevent heat stroke outdoors. Even if you want to visit many sightseeing spots, please be careful not to walk too much.

I cannot believe the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be during this time. I am worried that in 2020, tourists from overseas will fall down from heat stroke.


Please beware of typhoon attack

An aerial view of the white castle tower and beautiful central park in Kokura, Kyushu, Japan, during a heavy typhoon rainstorm = shutterstock

An aerial view of the white castle tower and beautiful central park in Kokura, Kyushu, Japan, during a heavy typhoon rainstorm = shutterstock

From July to September every year, typhoons will hit Japan many times. When a typhoon comes, trains will stop running in the affected area and planes cannot fly. The stations and airports will be filled with people who are at a loss. Hotels often become fully booked.

I ask that you please check the weather forecast often before coming to Japan during this time. Even after arriving, you should keep updated with the latest weather forecast as much as possible.

If you will experience a typhoon while you are staying in Japan, please make sure that reserved planes and trains will run as scheduled. If you are worried that your train or plane will be cancelled I recommend adjusting your itinerary to depart at a later time.


Hokkaido and highlands of Honshu are recommended

Between July and August, the climate of Japan is so hot that many Japanese people vacation in Hokkaido and the Honshu highlands. In these areas, it is relatively cool and easy to have an enjoyable time. Beautiful flowers bloom and there are many scenic areas, so I recommend you go to these cool areas as well.

Hokkaido and Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture, among other places, are popular for tourists. So, if you decide to go to Japan, please make your necessary reservations as soon as possible.

If you go to a particularly popular sightseeing spot, the area usually has daily traffic congestion. For this reason, I recommend that you use trains to avoid traffic in cars as much as possible.

In Karuizawa, where many tourists visit from Tokyo, it may take more than an hour to simply move the distance of one train station by car. If you really want to drive, it would be best to depart as early as possible in the morning.


Now, let’s plan to make your vacation in Japan the best experience ever!



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