Removal of Japan immigration restrictions!

Japan no longer requires either vaccination or negative vaccination certificates for entry into the country after May 8, 2023. Inspection upon arrival is also no longer required.

However, those with symptoms of suspected infection with novel coronavirus, such as fever and cough, may be subject to testing.

In other words, Japan has now completely eliminated the entry restrictions that have been in place since April 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Along with that, this site will also resume information transmission. is a multilingual blog (web media) that introduces the charm of Japan. Starting in the spring of 2019, just as it suddenly began to be recognized by many travelers around the world, the new coronavirus infection spread all over the world, and the situation where it was extremely difficult to travel continued for a long time.

During that time, I refrained from actively disseminating information. Because of that, many users and followers left, but I have continued to update steadily. (Thank you to all the users and followers who supported us during that time. Thank you!)

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